Get Started

Are you looking for a new doctor?

UFMC has a 25 year history of quality medical services and is continuing to grow. Our expanded staff allows us to welcome in new patients relocating to the area, transitioning from a retiring practice, or simply wanting an elevated level of care.

Our staff specializes in patient transition. We know changing doctors is difficult for most patients. If you are in need of making a changing feel free to contact us and ask to speak to any of our patient transition specialists.

Becoming a new patient is an easy two-step process.

  1. Provide proof of insurance
  2. Make an appointment with UFMC to speak to a new patient specialist

After that our knowledgeable and confidential staff will do all the work.

We will:

  1. Arrange a meet and greet to welcome you to our facility.
  2. Complete your Patient Provider Matching.
  3. Create an easy access login for your personal patient records.
  4. Request chart transfer from previous provider.

UFMC accepts every member of your family from pediatrics to mature adults. Yes you read that right, kids are welcome too! We have medical providers spread out all over the city. One provider means one visit, one family care plan, and one bill. Easier and faster medical care for you and everyone you love.

Come in and take a tour. We want you to feel at home with your medical care. Call us or drop in. We welcome you at our facility and our happy to show you around. You’ll find the friendliest staff, modern equipment and a philosophy in healthcare that is far from the corporate norm in today’s medical world. One visit and you will know you are not just another patient number.