We set the standard in medicine. UFMC is one of the rare medical practices that work around your schedule not ours. Busy families need flexible health care and providers. We offer expanded morning and evening medical care hours from 8-6 weekdays. Need a same day appointment? No problem. We know some medical needs cannot wait. We welcome our patients to schedule a same day visit and we will make time to see you.

UFMC offers patient – provider matching. Our practice has a diverse group of qualified practitioners that can be matched to your special needs. We believe your patient experience should be customized to your medical needs and not just any doctor or nurse practitioner will do. UFMC will comprehensively look at your family history, current medical condition, and future medical needs to develop a medical partnership with one of our highly respected doctors or nurse practitioners.

Technology matters. Being modern medical practitioners’ means that our providers embrace technology to help accurately diagnose, responsibly treat, and proactively care for our patients. Being independently owned ensures that large insurance companies and out-of-state corporate healthcare providers are free from dictating our medical decisions. Every decision made in our office keeps the patient first. Our personalized medical philosophy gives you a voice in your testing and treatment. Our doctors and nurse practitioners are driven by the best medically relevant decision making and nothing more. With their high knowledge and expertise in medicine, our practitioners can collaborate with you to develop personalized treatment options for any need that develops.

Our reputation speaks for itself. 25 years of leading healthcare in the Southern Colorado region our patients trust us. As personal care options continue to decrease, we are proud of our commitment to our patients and healthcare in Southern Colorado. Local decision making practices about your healthcare will continue to drive our success and create positive outcomes for our patients. Learn more about our success with testimonials from our patients.