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Confidential Electronic Records Access

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Our patient portal offer a secure, convenient patient communication that is HIPAA compliant. It makes your electronic records accessible to you quickly and easily. The patient portal also allows us advanced ways of communicating with our patients. Text messaging and email reminders, electronic communication with nurses and doctors, even the ability to reschedule an appointment is all at your fingertips.

Patient portals are a streamlined approach that allows practitioners to focus on patient care and improving communications among all medical departments in one seamless program.

Equally as important however, University Family Medicine is always accessible in more traditional forms of communication as well. Whatever your communication style, UFMC can align your office communication with your preferences saving you time and money while improving communication with your primary care provider.

Confidential Electronic Records Access

Use your portal to:

  • Sign up or change text messaging
  • Register for email reminders
  • Electronically communicate with your provider
  • Reschedule an appointment
  • Access electronic medical records
  • Get lab and x-ray results
  • Request prescriptions
  • See account balances and billing
  • Retrieve medical forms

Are you a UFMC patient? Use your login to access your records now. Don’t have an access code? Contact Us now and we will mail you an access code to your insurance provided medical address within 7 days.